FLAVORS – Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches


Our BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are filled with fresh blueberry filling, which compliments our old-fashioned plain cheesecake.

Our decadent BLUE VELVET CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are layered with our homemade blue velvet crumbs, giving a nice mix of flavor to our old-fashioned plain cheesecake.

Our BUTTERSCOTCH CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are a dreamy taste of yesteryear.

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas…a light peppermint crunch gives our CANDY CANE CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES just the right amount of flavor to ring in that holiday cheer.

Like our blueberry filled, we take our old-fashioned plain cheesecake and fill it with scrumptious cherries to make our CHERRY CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES.

A combination of two favorites make up the rich taste of our CHOCOLATE CHIP CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES, giving them just the right hint of sweetness.

This is one of our fan favorites. Think Good Humor Bar when you bite into our CHOCOLATE ÉCLAIR CHEESECAKE SANDWICH all the way down to the surprise piece of chocolate you find inside.

Our COCONUT CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES have real flakes of coconut.

Our COFFEE CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES taste like your favorite cup of brew.

Take your favorite cup of brew and add in some salted caramel and you have our COFFEE CARAMEL CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES.

Our irresistible, light, fluffy chocolate COOKIE CRUMBLE CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are our version of cookies and cream.

Rich, luscious, dark chocolate…need we say more? That’s our DARK CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES.

Now this is a flavor that brings you home for the holidays. Our EGGNOG CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are indulgent, sans the rum.

We start out with a homemade gingersnap recipe, then grind down the cookies after baking and mix them into our old-fashioned plain cheesecake to delight you with our GINGERSNAP COOKIE CRUMBLE CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES.

Yes, there really is a grandma, Raphaella, whose favorite flavors were white chocolate and raspberry. Our GRANDMA’S FAVORITE CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are dedicated to her memory, and never disappoint.

A light, tangy lemon taste for our LEMONADE CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES that takes you back to the lemonade stand you had as a kid.

What is cheesecake without a tropical twist? Our MANGO CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are a bright yellow orange, and taste as if you are eating the actual fruit.

First we make our delicious chocolate cake, then we break it down to small pieces and sprinkle them through our old-fashioned plain cheesecake to bring you our MARBLE CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES, another fan favorite.

Our MATCHA CHEESECAKE SANDWICH boasts deeply rich notes of shade-grown green tea. A delightful treat for those who enjoy this flavor.

Smooth, luscious MILK CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE sandwiched between two soft chocolate cookies makes this one the perfect chocolate lover’s treat.

Reminiscent of a childhood favorite, our ORANGE CRÈME CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are the next best thing to a real Creamsicle.

We puree our peaches right into our cheesecake batter for a light summery taste that sets our PEACH CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES apart.

The old-fashioned taste of PLAIN CHEESECAKE (CLASSIC) whipped to perfection between two soft golden cookies puts this choice at the top of the list.

Unlike everyone else, we do pumpkin different. Our PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are filled with pieces of pumpkin cake giving our old-fashioned plain cheesecake just the right hint of flavor.

We want to start out by telling you we are a nut free shop, so our RAINBOW CRUMBLE CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are not made with those three-layer rainbow cookies you maybe thinking of because they contain almond paste. Ours are made with our vanilla tie dye cookies, and attract both kids and adults alike.

Like everything else, our RED VELVET CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are made from scratch, first the red velvet cake, which cools, and is crumbed and added to our old-fashioned plain cheesecake, a top fan favorite.

We start by making our own salted caramel, then we pour it into our old-fashioned plain cheesecake batter for a SALTED CARAMEL CHEESECAKE SANDWICH that explodes with flavor.

We puree the strawberries to create that nice pink color for our STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES.

Many people ask what is the difference between our STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES, and our strawberry ones. That would be the graham cracker, and the strawberry we pump into the middle.

Our TIRAMISU CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are undoubtedly the number one fan favorite. Rich tiramisu flavored cheesecake sandwiched between two chocolate cookies…what more could you ask for?

Our WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are simply decadent, and for those who dislike the raspberry filling that comes in our Grandma’s Favorite.


The old-fashioned flavor of CLASSIC CHEESECAKE is whipped to perfection between two soft golden cookies in our SUGAR-FREE version! TIRAMISU CHEESECAKE SANDWICHES are undoubtedly the number one fan favorite in the SUGAR-FREE version. Rich tiramisu-flavored cheesecake sandwiched between two chocolate cookies…what more could you ask for.