The Real Deal: Why Transparency Matters in Bakeries – Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches

The Real Deal: Why Transparency Matters in Bakeries

In a world full of food mysteries, Grandma’s Cheesecake Sandwiches is all about keeping it real. We believe in being upfront as we can (without spilling our secret recipe) about what goes into our delicious cheesecake sandwich because honesty is our secret ingredient.

Transparency isn’t just a fancy word for us—it’s a way of life. We understand the importance of knowing what you’re eating, especially for those with allergies. That’s why Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches are nut-free so everyone can dig in without worry.

But that’s not all! We skip the artificial stuff, too. Our sandwiches are made without any preservatives or gelatin, just good old-fashioned grandma goodness. It’s our way of keeping the trust of our amazing customers intact.

So, Grandma’s Cheesecake Sandwiches isn’t just a tasty treat; it’s a commitment to openness and honesty in the world of baking.

Join us in celebrating the joy of knowing exactly what you’re eating with every bite.

Ready to taste the honesty? Swing by 12-40 Clintonville St, Whitestone NY and buy one of Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches today. It’s real, it’s delicious, and it’s waiting for you in 36 different flavors - and now, sugar-free options too!

Grandma’s Cheesecake Sandwiches are available on Goldbelly and UberEats