Summer Is Coming... – Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches

Summer Is Coming...

Summer is coming, which means it’s time to break out (and smoosh, and blend, and strain) the FRUIT!

Our matcha was a big hit for St. Patrick’s day (check us out on Goldbelly) and while we always keep our favorites around (here’s looking at you, Classic and Chocolate Chip) it’s always fun here in our nut-free kitchen whipping up seasonal delights.

 So we’re mashing the Mangoes, we’re crushing the Coconuts, and we’re pureeing the Peaches to bring you fresh, lively summer flavors. Inspired by the cherry trees blooming in D.C.? Celebrate with our Cherry flavor, sandwiched between two vanilla cookies. Want something light and lively? Dive into our Lemonade. Recall those lovely, drippy 50-50 bars (half orange, half cream) or orange jubilees of your childhood while slurping down our Orange Creme.

 As I work, I’m always paying homage to my loving, inspiring grandmother, Raphaella Cotoggio. I can feel her hands guiding me, I can hear her laugh, see her smile, be transported again by the rich warm smell of her special cheesecake baking in the oven, embracing me as I walked in the door. Come visit us and you’ll feel it too, or order online here or from Goldbelly and have the love delivered to the door. 

So as summer comes upon us, let’s all share the fruits of the season, the love of our ancestors, and some darn fine cheesecake. As the Italians say, “La pace!” (Peace), Lisa.