Empowering Women at Brooklyn Boulders – Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches

Empowering Women at Brooklyn Boulders

Yesterday, I had the utmost pleasure of being included on a special panel that was hosted by Nicole Touzien, the General Manager; and, Lexy Amaral the Event Coordinator at Brooklyn Boulders in Long Island City.

#IAMWOMAN was a one-day festival highlighting the strength and power of those who identify as women through various workshops.

There were vendor tables, which gave female entrepreneurs, like myself, the opportunity to not only spread the word about their products, but to share, and engage their stories with others on similar quests.

The day was filled with fun, encouragement, and support. I even hosted a table with free samples throughout the afternoon.

Giving visitors, members, and other vendors a chance to enjoy a sweet treat for all their continued hard work, and support of other women.

When it came time for the panel, I, Lisa Cotoggio along with four other women panelists were given the opportunity to share our stories, while championing our strengthens in support of all women, in the hopes that they could learn from our experiences, and take away bits, and pieces of what they need to move themselves to the next step.

Overall, the day was a great success, and allowed a group of women to foster new friendships, while gaining support in the knowledge that women can, and should ban together in times of need. We can all climb to the top, and build confidence if we unite for what we truly believe in, ourselves.