Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches is busy getting our first retail store ready.

I just want to share with you a little. I spent the day weeding and planting flowers out back behind our new retail location, so it looks pretty for our opening.

Which is still a good 6-10 weeks away. Lots to do. The biggest part is getting all the equipment in place and setting up the kitchen. It's fun and exciting and rewarding to see it come to life a little more each day. Just wish my grandmother, Raphaella was around to see what's become of her recipe. Soon we'll also be in some well known stores and supermarkets. I can't wait. And the best part of my job now is all the taste testing I get to do on every batch to make sure the flavor is spot on. 

We'll be hiring staff now too to help out, which will take some of the pressure off. Running a business all by yourself is hard work, always something new right around the corner when you think you've got it all done. I like it though, I think I finally found something I can really sink my teeth into, no pun intended. So stay with me, and I will keep you all updated as we progress toward our opening, which is looking like mid-July if we stay on schedule. 

Happy eating.