Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches: A Fan Favorite!

Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches: A Fan Favorite!

Located at 12-40 Clintonville St, Whitestone, Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches is your go-to spot for a cheesecake treat that will leave you craving more. But don't just take our word for it – here's what our customers have to say:

“Never had cheesecake sandwiches before Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches, and they changed my world. I can’t get enough. Simply amazing!”
Sherborne W. ~ Jamaica, NY
"Why didn't anyone think of this before? CHEESECAKE you can eat with your HANDS! Like, while you're driving to that party, and you're bringing the Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches, because, duh and really, why not one for the road? You deserve it. My kids don't even like cheesecake, and they scarf these babies down. Our favorite: Chocolate Chip."
Leila S. ~ Los Angeles, CA
"Great great product. Delicious frozen or thawed. I am totally impressed."
Larry G. ~ Tampa, FL
"So I couldn't wait until I got home to try the cheesecake, I dove into it in the late afternoon.  That is the best cheesecake I've ever had and I'm not just saying that.  It was so light and moist... I usually don't like cheesecake because it is usually dense and thick and sometimes dry.  Like eating a brick. It was like clouds.  Moist and soft.  Not too sweet.  I kept thinking about the taste long after I finished and that is saying something. It was cloud-like comfort.  Cloudlike comfort food." 
Sarah M. ~ Ossining, NY
"Cheesecake sandwich is great! I tried the chocolate chip."
Mark S. ~ Pittsburg, PA

Over at 12-40 Clintonville St, enjoying your favorite cheesecake flavor has never been easier. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one with a sweet gift, Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches is here to make every moment sweeter."

Join us and experience the magic of Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches for yourself. Come become a fan today!


Grandma’s Cheesecake Sandwiches are available on Goldbelly and UberEats