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As a woman working in mostly male dominated industries over the years, I have suffered through workplace sexual harassment multiple times. I did try time and time again to move past it by changing jobs frequently, but it was this last time when I endured something far worse than before that I realized I’d had enough, and wasn’t going to put up with it anymore. Working for or with abusers is never a comfortable position to be in, so I started focusing my attention on creating a business that I would not only enjoy, but would keep me safe, and extend itself to others experiencing similar situations.

The thought process while I was trying to figure it all out kept taking me back to my grandmother’s cheesecake recipe, and a time in my life when I did feel safe, and I wondered if it could become something not only I, but others could make a living from.

I quickly got to work in my kitchen, and the responses were immediate. So many pleasing expressions, and comments from complete strangers wondering why they’d never tasted cheesecake like this before. I must have done a couple of hundred samplings before coming to the idea of cheesecake sandwiches, which allows grab-and-go consumption for the first time ever with a cheesecake product.

My hope is to build a family legacy and put them in the hands of everyone, while giving back to the community, not just by creating a safe space to employ women, but by also letting our displaced neighbors who can’t afford to purchase them have a chance to enjoy them on occasion too.

Thank you for your support.